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This years vision is to encourage local businesses to expand their production.


Les Smith Haulage wants to announce to everyone that additional warehousing space is available.

The purpose of this warehouse is to store unprocessed to processed goods for final distribution via dedicated haulage or economical Fortec Pallet Network.


This additional space is increasing the total capacity from 2,500 to 3,500 racked pallet spaces.

By achieving this, Les Smith Haulage has used local contractors to maximise the available land  to increase the warehousing by 18,500ft2

The structure is using attractive, modern materials. The warehouse is also fully secure by our trusted security company, Pointer which has 24/7 redcare surveillance and monitoring.


Any further enquiries on available rates and space, please contact the office via phone or email on our website.


Thank you to our existing customers for their support and opportunity to provide an excellent service for you!